Have you ever been somewhere where a particular aroma grabs your attention, and you never forget that, even years later?

Several years ago I had the privilege to travel to beautiful Thailand with my best friend. I have never forgotten the breathtaking smells of the orchids and banana leaves as the rain gently fell.

More recently, for my Dad’s 85th Birthday, I created my signature J. Bella Candle called ‘Daddy’s Boots.’ Its wonderful masculine aroma reminds me of the colognes and boots my Dad wore and still wears. I call it ‘Daddy’s Boots’ because no one can fill his boots.

In my Soap artwork, I take a trip back to the 60s in my 1960 Series; I created colorful Peace Signs with Patchouli, a favorite of mine.

Why J. Bella Candles?

My candles are made of natural Soy-wax, which is safe for pets to be around; they burn slower and cleaner. I have several sizes at various affordable prices and several unique containers. My candles are made with love, and you will also love them.

What do J.Bella Candles Provide?

In my home and at J. Bella Spa, I love using the candles I created because they provide good memories, feelings of love, and peace. In my aesthetic work, a scented candle reduces stress. Hence a more relaxed spa experience.

If you are looking for a unique gift for that special in your life, let me customize a candle gift for you. We also offer a loyalty program, thanking you for loving my beautifully scented candles and soaps.

Contact us with any questions and for ordering.

May the light of our candles guide you toward healing and peace.

Proudly Veteran owned and operated.

Candles are found at my Spa and these Fine Stores

Refugio Alamo Market Place
Refugio, Texas

Journey Well Spa
Historic Durant Oklahoma